Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not based in Chicago. How will you handle my account from there?

Fishman Public Relations’ franchise clients are based all around the country. We even have several clients in Canada. We have built relationships with media outlets at the national level and in local markets from coast to coast. Our seasoned media relations team’s ability to generate results comes from their knowledge of how to work with journalists and present newsworthy story angles – we can do that from anywhere! We communicate with you and your staff over the phone and email, as well as arrange periodic, face-to-face meetings to discuss the account and experience your concept firsthand.

How soon will I see media results?

With the media, timing is never guaranteed. Our philosophy at Fishman Public Relations resolves around “more” – the more angles you put out there to more media outlets and the more often you follow up, the more likely and more often you will generate publicity results for your franchise. That’s why our media relations team never relies on just one angle for your franchise system. We put multiple story ideas out there at any given time to numerous media outlets of different kinds, therefore increasing the odds of success. It could take as soon as a day or a week or a month before stories are picked up, which is why it’s important to keep a strong flow of angles consistently out there. As they say, the news never stops … and neither does our media relations team!

How much do your services cost?

Fishman Public Relations charges a flat monthly retainer fee that never fluctuates, and is designed to fit the budgets of the average franchisor. We do not charge hourly or by placement, which allows you to know what your bill is every month and budget accordingly. This fee is based on level of service provided by our team and covers unlimited placements. Often, if we are providing publicity for franchisees in their markets, some of our monthly retainer fee is paid through the franchise system’s advertising marketing fund, while a portion is paid from corporate budget for franchise development outreach. This fee is reasonable and suits our franchisor clients’ needs. We have been told numerous times over the years that one single placement in a national media outlet which helps sell a franchise or Area Developer agreement yields a tremendous ROI. Our franchise clients get a tremendous bang from their buck with Fishman PR.

Who gets assigned to my account?

At Fishman PR, you are always assigned to a senior-level experienced executive to oversee the strategic management of your account. That senior-level experienced publicist will assign a team to pitch your local and national media targets. You will always deal with the senior-level staff member, although you are introduced to and become familiar with the entire team assigned to your account.

Will Fishman PR come to our annual franchisee conventions?

Absolutely! Our media relations staff is happy to donate their time to attend your conference, participate in a roundtable or breakout session on PR, or just to mingle and learn more about your franchise system. However, to keep our own expenses and retainer fees at manageable levels for our clients, we do not sponsor franchisee conventions and will charge back any travel expenses incurred by our staff.