About Us

sherri and brad

In 1991, Sherri Fishman recognized the need for a specialized PR firm to manage the unique needs of franchisors. She and her husband, Brad Fishman, entrenched themselves in the industry and grew the firm to fill the niche in franchising PR.

Why are these special expertise necessary? Because franchisors need an agency that understands the realities of helping entrepreneurs making their dreams come true through franchising, how the franchisee ticks and how to ensure your brand has a consistent message in each market they operate in.

Over the past 30+ years, Fishman PR has perfected a proven method of developing franchise development & consumer brand awareness strategies that center on the right key messages delivered to the right audience at the right time. 

Our Mission

Our agency’s mission goes beyond ourselves; our results achieve a higher purpose. Our mission is built on the “why” behind our campaigns:

Fishman PR’s mission is to increase the number of small business owners and the success of entrepreneurs throughout North America.

With this mission, our staff understands their work is meaningful. Unlike other industries, the campaigns we execute can—and do—lead people to pursue their dream of business ownership. Here’s what we mean:

  • By creating legacy businesses, one news story or content piece can change the lives of people and their families for years to come.
  • One local story can and does create multiple lifelong customers that make the difference between the success and failure of a business.
  • Our work also changes the perception of franchising, which is widely misperceived in this country.

Our work makes a difference – and this motivates our team in all that they do.


Brad Fishman

Brad Fishman, Co-CEO

As one of the most well-connected individuals in the franchise industry, Brad has spent more than 30 years helping franchise systems develop franchisee lead generation and consumer awareness campaigns that help them achieve their desired growth.

Sherri Fishman, Co-CEO

Sherri is a seasoned PR executive and agency owner who has devoted her life's work to providing custom franchise PR services. Since co-founding the agency in 1991, Sherri had led a talented staff to grow Fishman PR into the nation's top franchise lead generation PR agency.

Debra Vilchis, President

With over 25 years’ experience in franchise PR/content marketing and a journalism background, Debra oversees direction of the agency’s integrated campaigns, leads our leaders and builds operational systems and best practices to keep Fishman PR on top of its game in franchising. She’s also our agency’s lead crisis communications specialist.

Sara Faiwell, Chief Operating Officer

Sara is an experienced public relations professional who has worked with dozens of franchise clients in the restaurant, home service, pet and entertainment sectors to secure positive media exposure on a local and national level.

Zack Fishman, Chief Growth Officer

Since joining Fishman PR in 2019, Zack has been the face of Fishman PR’s business development efforts by leading the sales process, speaking at industry conferences and co-hosting his podcast, Modrn Business. Additionally, Zack is key contact for vendor relationships through Franchise Supplier Network, a supplier consultancy he is a partner in.

Kelly McNamara, Vice President

Kelly Hammond, SVP of Client Strategies

Kelly is an experienced public relations professional who has worked with dozens of B2B and B2C franchise clients in industries ranging from restaurant to home services to travel, providing overall strategic direction.

Julianne Stevenson, Vice President

Julianne Stevenson, SVP of Integrated Services

At Fishman PR, Julianne's primary focus is on meeting clients' objectives by developing and implementing comprehensive PR campaigns aimed at increasing consumer awareness and driving franchise leads.

Alec Miszuk, Director of Local PR

Alec is a public relations professional who oversees the growth, direction and day-to-day operation of Fishman PR’s local PR program. With media relations experience at both national and local levels, Alec implements earned media/social media strategies intended to increase brand awareness for businesses within their local communities.